Quik Parts Network Installation Instructions for Windows Server, 7 and 10

To use the Quik Parts across a network, you need to install Quik Parts on your Server and Workstations. The Quik Parts Server has to be installed first before you can install Quik Parts on any of the workstations. You can use any machine as the server however, its recommended you use a dedicated server if possible or that you use the computer with the most recent operating system as the server.

Quik Parts Server Installation
Quik Parts Workstation Installation Windows 7
Quik Parts Workstation Installation Window 10

Server Install:

Run the Quik Parts setup and follow the on-screen instructions. You may need to reboot after the install.

If you are installing on a Windows Server you will need to add QuikParts.exe to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab in Advanced System Settings before launching Quik Parts using the following instructions:

Goto: Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings (on the left) -> From the Advanced tab click the Settings button within Performance -> Click the Data Execution Prevention tab -> Click Add and locate the QuikParts.exe file in the Quik Parts install folder. The default location is C:\Trisoft Innovations\Quik Parts\

Next, you will need to share the Quik Parts folder so the workstations can connect to the database.

Workstation Installation For Windows 7:

Workstation Installation For Windows 10: